Things I Like: Vampire Weekend vs. The Black Keys, the hilarious 1st ep of Bob’s Burgers, and more

Thank God It’s Friday! Could not have come sooner. This weekend, I’m looking forward to scoffing at the Golden Globe awards every time they mention the fact that anything to do with the movie The Tourist has been nominated for anything. UGH! But Friday is also a good time to recap some of our favorites things…

For one, this twitpic of Cam’ron in a mink coat…
And Rihanna’s healthy sense of humor (“Nicki Minaj…she’s not my roommate, she’s just my sex partner”)…
Also, the massive redesign of our homies at Complex.com, which not only features the new and perfectly timed Seth Rogan cover, but also the solution that I have been begging for since forever…A less painful way of getting through those awesome Complex lists…
Also, I loved this hilarious poster spoof from the newly launched EgotripLand site. (Reminds me of the time those guys had me make sweet love to their Biz Markie puppet. Ok, that sounded weird. But it was.)…
And I’m also happy to have discovered that my old friend Dave Bry (former Vibe editor) writes a series in The Awl called “Public Apology: In which a man grapples with a lifetime of regret, one incident at a time”. I wish I could write this good: ) Make sure you read this entry: “Dear Davida, Sorry for squeezing your hand so tightly at the Gravediggaz concert….

But along with these things, if you missed last Sunday’s premiere of Bob’s Burgers on Fox, it was Hilarious! And directed by a family friend named Anthony Chun (formerly of The Simpsons and King of the Hill)…Watch the clip above, and tune in this weekend.

Also, I enjoyed watching Vampire Weekend and The Black Keys debating who was the bigger sell-out on The Colbert Report.
Watch, after the jump…

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(Spotted on NYMag’s Vulture)


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