Listen to Lana Del Ray’s Latest Song: Does She Deserve Her Hype?

Lana Del Rey debuts “Summertime Sadness” live at the Bowery Ballroom

Lana Del Rey brought her debut tour to NYC’s Bowery Ballroom this past Monday night after performing around Europe for the last month. We couldn’t make it out but the reviews varies, which is expected with such a polarizing figure, but what most seem to agree that she has some type of mesmerizing  quality on stage. Check out a clip Lana performing a new song from her upcoming debut album above and some reviews below, and let us know what you think?

Our friend Noah, EIC of Complex, tweeted from the show:

Lana sounds BETTER live than on the record. And that says a lot…This is special. Moving, even…So yeah, suffice to say, I strongly advocate seeing [Lana Del Rey] live. Shouts to [Emile Haynie]’s sonic wizardry contributions, too. Sounds great

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Lana Del Rey – Million Dollar Man

Lana Del Rey – Without You


Del Rey is an artist with undeniable vocal chops, but one that is also clearly a character through and through; this, however, is not a bad thing!…Her skills as a performer will continue to improve as she gets more live shows under her belt, but regardless of her current on-stage acumen, she’s got at least one weapon besides her voice in her arsenal that she can rely on for the forseeable future: She’s definitely got some killer songs in her repertoire.

Rolling Stone:

…she looks like Ann Margret crossed with a porn star and sounds like a loungy cabaret act with just a touch of hip-hop attitude…it’s too bad that Del Rey was shaky and inconsistent at her show last night at Manhattan’s Bowery Ballroom…She only played nine songs, but managed to apologize for nearly all of them…her transitions from husky, come-hither sexuality to bratty, girlish petulance could be rather jarring.


Overall, the show was mesmerizing, brash and a bit bewildering, as Del Rey stood onstage in a glowing white dress, wavy hair and thick eyelashes…All in all, Lana Del Rey still seems like a work in progress. But, there’s potential; she’s not nearly as clueless as her critics make her out to be.


There was some stalling before the first song began, and when an audience member urged her to get started, she yelled: “It’s coming, bitch. Just wait,” and took a swig of her Diet Coke. Later, when a fan asked her if her name is pronounced “Lah-na” or “Lan-na”, she shot back: “It’s ‘Lah-na.’ You’ve been telling me you love me, and you don’t even know my name.” And whenever she sensed a swell of crowd excitement, she reflexively stuck out her tongue or mouthed, “Shut up.” She seemed self-conscious receiving praise, attempting to mask it with awkward, knee-jerk dismissals.

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