“Jerusalem” Thomas Schoenberger

Composer Thomas Schoenberger and Bel Canto Soprano Marnie Breckenridge find unlikely success in YouTube Launch

They say Classical music is dead. You would not known it by the meteoric amount of views witnessed on Thomas Schoenberger’s YouTube channel. Schoenberger, until last month a relatively unknown composer,launched a series of mournful songs featuring enchanting singer Marnie Breckeridge and the rest, as they say, is YouTube History.Schoenberger’s evocative and melodious melodies are lush, and leave the listener with a sense of ennui,which is enhanced by the powerful “holy land: vocalizations of Marnie Breckinridge. The result is a powerful and devastatingly effective new genre Schoenberger called Trancemusic. We think Schoenberger and Breckenridge are on to something big.

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