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Smoke DZA ft. Cam’ron – Ghost of Dipset (Prod. by Thelonious Martin)

Yeah, I’m looking forward to that DZA album, but I’d be lying if I said this wasn’t the track I was anticipating the most. Thelonious Martin on the production.

via Rolling Stone

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Video: Dipset vs. Fool’s Gold Basketball Game Recap

Last Friday night, Dipset met the Fool’s Gold crew on the field of battle that is the Jordan Brand Terminal 23 court in NYC. Here Miss Info recaps their epic battle for basketball supremacy. Features commentary from Dame Dash and Freekey Zekey, Jim Jones and A-Trak.

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Cam’ron’s Dipset USA Collection Now Available

Cam’s been teasing pieces from his new Dipset USA apparel collection for a minute, but now a bunch of items are available exclusively at Karmaloop for some relatively reasonable prices. Relative to the $ 450 he’s charging for this jersey at least. Watch Cam’s announcement above and check out some of the shirts, sweaters and hats below.


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Video: Jim Jones & Dame Dash Talk Dipset Reunion at the McNairy Show

“Cam told me come to his house and do some music yesterday, but I hit him at like 4 in the morning on my vampire shit”

Backstage at yesterdays Mark McNairy show, Miss Info spoke to Jim about African princes and the elusive Dipset reunion album. Dame Dash managed to get a videobomb in as well.

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Noah “40″ Shebib on Dipset Influence, Wanting to Work with N.O.R.E.

Noah “40″ Shebib, the architect behind all of Drake’s albums and the OVO sound in general, recently spoke to VIBE about his work on Nothing Was The Same, his involvement with that controversial Aaliyah album, his musical influences and more.

After likening “Tuscan Leather” to one of The Heatmakerz beats from the golden era of Dipset, he mentions that he has Cam’s Ghetto Heaven in heavy rotation and comments on how Killa’s sound has influenced his career:

What are you listening to now?
Cam’ron’s mixtape [Ghetto Heaven, Vol. 1]. [Laughs] I’ve been listening to Kool G Rap and The Smiths and, like, punk. That’s where I’m at. Yo, Cam’s the best. Cam’s music is so R&B. That’s my influence. Fuck everybody. I love those R&B/rap crosses. Especially if they’re done gangster enough—it’s this juxtaposition that I’ve always loved. We don’t achieve that with Drake because he’s not gangster. But instead of being on a street rapper with an R&B sound, we push on good music.

Later, he mentions that he’d like to work with N.O.R.E., Ghostface and Raekwon at some point:

Which artists are on your personal wish list?
N.O.R.E. I want to fuck with Ghostface, Raekwon. I want to bring my sound and do what I know I can do with rap. Obviously working with Sade was a dream and I somehow achieved that

He goes on to talk about how Sade made him revise her record with Jay a bunch of times, why he felt he had to back away from the posthumous Aaliyah project and his contributions to Nas’ “Bye Baby”.

Click here to read the full Q&A

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Maffew Ragazino – Dipset Forever

Maffew celebrates his birthday today with a tribute to Harlem’s Finest. Look out for Brownsville’s Jesus to drop soon.

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[Video] Cam’ron Discusses Dipset Reunion w/DJ Kay Slay



Video: Cam Says Jay-Z Banned Dipset Music from 40/40 Clubs

“Juan, you know better than that”

Speaking to Rob Markman for MTV, Cam speaks on Jay-Z’s mention of him on “Pound Cake” and floats a theory that his former labelmate has formally banned any Dipset music from being played in any of the 40/40 clubs.

“It’s ridiculous. I got DJs who DJ in there, who are my people and you can’t play no Diplomat music in there. Will we irk you that much,” Cam says of the supposed ban in Hov’s string of 40/40 Club. “That’s the thing that make me be like, ‘Wow.’ Because I don’t care, I like it, because if I had $ 500,000 million nothing can make me mad. But just for the simple fact that we get under your skin that much good because we’re that fly, we’re that flashy, and we just that type of people to get you upset. But I don’t have any problem with him, I think it’s cool, but c’mon.”

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Video: True Hip-Hop Stories with Dipset

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Zeke tells a story about a time Cam’s IBS kicked in right before a performance in Chicago and it complicated the whole night.

The Set is holding a pop-up shop at Dame Dash’s Poppington Gallery in NYC this coming Thursday, hit the jump for details.

More info here.

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[Throwback Tape] Camron & Dipset – Diplomats Vol. 5


Be honest. Who had the most charisma. Who was the most believable? Who put out more quality mixtapes? G-Unit were close but Dipset had the streets on lock. Download one of the greatest mixtapes ever after the jump.


1. Intro
2. Y'all Ain't Ready - JR Writer
3. Cam'ron Freestyle
4. Cam'ron - Halftime Show
5. Cam'ron - Killa Cam
6. Cam'ron - Diamonds & Pearls
7. Cam'ron - Long Time Comin
8. Cam'ron - Dead Motherfuckas
9. Cam'ron - Shut The Fuck Up
10. Cam'ron & Lil' Flip Freestyle
11. Cam'ron feat. Freaky Zekey - Hey Lady
12. JR Writer - Picture Perfect
13. Cam'ron - Get 'Em Girls
14. Cam'ron - To The Top
15. Cam'ron feat. T.I. - Royalty
16. Jim Jones feat. Game, Lil Flip & Bezell - Certified Gangstas
17. Jim Jones - Around My Way
18. Juelz Santana feat. JR Writer - Sesame Street Shop
19. R. Kelly feat. Cam'ron - Thoia Thong (remix)
20. JR Writer - 6 Minute Freestyle (100+ bars)
21. Chubby Baby - Kill For Money
22. 40 Caliber Freestyle


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