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Video: Nas Debuts Time Is Illmatic at Tribeca Film Festival

Last night, Nas opened up the Tribeca Film Festival with the debut screening of the new feature length documentary Time Is Illmatic. By all accounts, it was quite a night. Fellow New Yorker and festival fonder Robert DeNiro introduced him and after the screening Nas took to the stage to perform joints from the album and provide some commentary.

Footage courtesy Nigel D, plus you can head over to Miss Info’s site for more footage and pictures from the evening.

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Video: THURZ – My Blood on the Canvas Pt. III (Short Film)


Here’s part 3 of THURZ’s short film, My Blood on The Canvas.

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CJ Fly – Eyetalian Frenchip Short Film (Teaser)

CJ shares a teaser for his upcoming short film Eyetalian Frenchip.

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CJ Fly – Eyetalian Frenchip Short Film (Poster)

CJ Fly of Pro Era just released the poster for his short film which is the official video for the song “Eyetalian Frenchip” from his Thee Way Eye See It mixtape.

Trailer drops Wednesday.

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Nas Documentary to Open Tribeca Film Festival

Time is Illmatic, the feature length documentary from One9 and Erik Parker, is set to open the annual Tribeca Film Festival in New York on April 16th. The film will take an in-depth look at the creation of Illmatic and Nas’ life in Queens as well as his relationship with his father Olu Dara. Parker and One9, who wrote and directed respectively, also served as producers on the project along with Nas’ manager Anthony Saleh.

Hit the jump to watch a short teaser.

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[Video] OneToWatch: Isaiah Rashad (Short Film)

In this arresting short film, Myspace and TDE put you on the ground of the 21-year-old’s home turf, offering a look at Rashad and his family that paints an intimate portrait of an artist who’s already well on his way to becoming one of hip-hop’s next big things. Listen in as Rashad’s parents reflect on his path from promising unknown to the pros and Rashad lays out a plan for staying true to himself and being a sex symbol like Prince, without the heels.



[Short film] Kanye West Makes A Cameo In ’30 Seconds To Mars’ Movie



Video: Don Cheadle x Black Milk – H8DES (Short Film)

Here is H8DES, a new short film produced by Don Cheadle for Vanity Fair’s ongoing series, The Decades. The short is inspired by the legacies of the 1980s: Reaganomics, the AIDS and Crack epidemics and the rise of technology. Cheadle reached out to Black Milk for the score.

Hit the jump for some behind the scenes footage.

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[Video] 50 Cent Starring In Upcoming “Escape Plan” Film

Fiddy appears around the .50 mark. Should be a good flick, Escape Plan in theaters October 18th.



Ron Howard’s Jay-Z Documentary Screening at Toronto International Film Festival

Director Ron Howard is set to debut his new documentary, Made In America, at the upcoming Toronto International Film Festival next month. The film, shot during last year’s Made In America music festival in Philadelphia, will document Jay’s rise to stardom and his preparations for the festival which he helped put together with Budweiser.

As seen through Howard’s affectionate gaze, Made in America is a love letter not only to Jay Z and his unique project, but also to the city of Philadelphia. Fascinating interludes include one-on-ones with audience members about what the show means to the Philly community — the responses are both positive and negative. Howard explores the birthplace of American Independence and how it relates to this unprecedented event. He even takes some time to follow a local hip-hop group through its attempt to get added to the prestigious bill.

The screening is scheduled for Saturday, September 7th, one week after this year’s Made In America show. Ticket information is available here.

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