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Kid Cudi Fires Back at His Label, Delays ‘MOTM 3′ and Reveals New Tattoo


With his new collaborative album out today, all isn’t sitting well with Kid Cudi. Mr. Rager hit Twitter this afternoon to fire back at his label for undershipping the new WZRD album. As “payback,” Cudi says we won’t see his upcoming third solo album, Man On The Moon 3 until 2014. Don’t worry folks, according to Cudi we’ll get a second WZRD project from him and producer Dot Da Genius.

Ok so just a heads up, my weak ass label only shipped 55k physicals cuz they treated this like some indie side project tax right off. So i apologize on behalf of my weak ass major label. And I apologize for the lack of promo, again, my weak ass major label. They tried to rush me thru this so i can just give em another MOTM, but guess what? Fuck that, next album is WZRD. MOTM3 on hold til 2014. who mad??? not me and @DotDaGenius. So its def gonna be tough to find one in the stores guys, I’m sorry about that. I gotta go out and find one too, becuz my weak ass label never even gave us a copy of our own album. FAIL!!! Im lettin Universal Republic have it, fuck it. What they gon’ do, spank me?? hahahaha. AND Teleport 2 Me, Jamie aint on the radio!!!! like helloooooooooo????? HIT HIT HIT!!!

via Kid Cudi’s Twitter

Cudi shows off his new tattoo, and watch Complex’s “The Making of WZRD” video after the jump…..


Slit wrist tattoo’s? Yikes. Cudi says: “New Tat The old Scott is dead…slit wrists,” via his Tumblr

Watch the rest of ‘The Making of WZRD” from Complex Magazine here.

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YMCMB Grammy Party Recap: Lil Wayne Signs Christina Milian and Fires at The Throne

In the midst of the Missinfo.tv crew mourning Whitney’s death, we let this one slip by us. During the annual YMCMB pre-Grammy party, Weezy made some interesting announcements and threw another pebble at The Throne’s door. With the mic in his hand, Wayne asked for a moment of silence in Whitney’s honor and then proceeded to announce that Christian Milian was now officially YMCMB. But the craziness didn’t stop there. Almost in the same breathe, he fired off at Jay-Z and Kanye West.

“I met a red-bone, I took the girl home/I asked her what she wanna watch, she said, ‘surely not The Throne’”

Props to Rap Radar’s version of Jeremy Lin

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Lil Wayne Fires Shots At The Throne

During YMCMB’s pre-Grammy party at Paramount studios last night, Tunechi gives a moment of silence for Whitney Houston and announced signing Christina Milian while receiving his plaques. Afterwards (3:50 mark), Weezy had a a message for The Throne.

“I met a red-bone, I took the girl home/I asked her what she wanna watch, she said, ‘surely not The Throne’”


Rap Radar


Look: Kid Cudi Performs New Song, Lil Kim Fires at Drake, Rare Kanye Footage

While on tour in the land down under Cudders performed a new song for his Australian fans. He released snippet of the joint back in Dec. Rght now, all we know of the track is that it will be included on his upcoming album with Dot Da Genius.

Footage of Lil Kim firing another shot at Drizzy and throwback footage of Kanye performing as a teenager after the jump…

At a recent show in Tampa, Lil Kim took a quick second to fire off another shot at Drizzy Drake. After jamming out to the “Motto,” Kim refers to him as ‘a hot joint from a bitch ni–ga.” (3:00min mark)

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Omen found this footage of Kanye performing when he was about 18, 19-years old.

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Consequence Fires Back At Pusha T

“I’m the most talked about commodity in Hip-Hop right now.”

After Pusha T called into WGCI’s The Morning Riot, Cons called in this morning to tell his side of the story. Cons also fired more shots and premiere a new diss record titled, “Everybody Told Me To Straighten It Out.”


Rap Radar


Pusha T Downplays Consequence’s Diss, But Still Fires Back On Ace Hood’s Remix

Screen shot 2011-07-28 at 4.45.23 PM

Pusha T performed in Chicago on Weds, as part of him and Cyhi Da Prynce’s ongoing Heineken Red Star Access tour (hosted by the limber Rosa Acosta)….and then he stopped by Chicago radio station WGCI, where obviously the pressing topic was…Pusha’s reaction to Consequence’s recent diss song, “The Plagurist Society.”

Pusha sat with DJ Moondawg, insisting that the Consequence “beef” is not an “internal issue,” and explaining why he’s been reluctant to address it:

Consequence and Ye those guys have a history that goes way before me… I always thought it would blow over, and people would be respectful. I always thought it doesn’t make sense for me to [address it] because I know Ye probably got love for dude, they go back too far.
As it stands right now, it’s funny, me and Ye have never talked about it, never not once. And that should tell you how serious it is…it’s really not. But it’s not an inside thing because he’s not inside. He’s outside….
We’ve never checked for [Consequence's music], you haven’t…I’ve never checked for it and I’m a fan of rap.

As for whether Pusha is planning a Cons-diss record of his own, my sources say he’s in no rush but he already recorded a jab on Ace Hood’s “Go N Get It (Remix)”:

Consequence, n—a talk is cheap/You don’t want no trouble off the beat/Before I off his ass with his awful teeth…

The remix is not included on Ace Hood’s upcoming Blood Sweat & Tears album, but should drop next week…

Watch footage of Pusha T talking to WCGI’s DJ MoonDawg about Consequence…
Listen to his appearance on GCI’s Morning Riot…
And watch Pusha perform “I Still Wanna Live” At The Shrine…
After the jump

Pusha T addresses the Consequence vs G.O.O.D. Music tension with DJ Moondawg…around the 6:30mark.

Pusha also called int GCI’s Morning Riot Show (where our pal Andrew/FakeShoreDrive has a Thurs morning feature on WGCI). The question that the jocks posed was a timely one:

Pusha man, my man Con is firing shots at you and the crew. So how are you gonna address that? Will we hear a Pusha T diss record? ‘Cause that’s a rap battle, I’d like to see…

But I just wished they let the question breathe so that Push could expand on it. Instead, he barely gets a dig in:

Really? You’re like the first one to say that. I don’t think anyone has ever wanted to see Consequence…

Before the room starts talking all over each other with various earblasting mic levels. *sigh*

Pusha T: “I Still Wanna” Live at The Shrine, Chicago from Ruby Hornet on Vimeo.

Pusha T performs “I Still Wanna Live” at The Shrine, in a tee from Don C’s RSVPGallery (video by RubyHornet).

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Tyler, The Creator & Frank Ocean Performs “She” In L.A. And Fires Back At Chris Brown (Video)

The Twitter back and forth between Odd Future & Chris Brown on Friday (which was ended with the help of Game?) we thought stopped there. Well, the following night (Saturday) in Los Angeles the Wolf Gang performed at the sold out House Of Blues. Right before going into his latest single “She” with Frank Ocean, Tyler, The Creator had a few choice words for the pop star saying “He’s a loser” and “He beats up women, he’s a b****” as the crowd chanted “F*** Chris Brown”.

This all started with a compliment, guess we’ll see where this ends up in the near future.

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Q-Tip Fires Back At Michael Rapaport

So the saga continues. After Michael Rapaport spoke on the rift last week, Tip retreated to his Twitter account again and respond to the director’s claims regarding the ATCQ documentary.

“Speaking of 1nce again… here i some tribe chat. the director of the film cannot speak to what is in my head abt the documentary. nor can this director EVER say the i dont speak for the group. when i say i do then belive me i do. tribe is no different than any other collective. we experience bumps bruises and disagreements then and we still do.

But knowing our history and our messages in our music we will NEVER be taken advantage of like we were in the past. we dont care who it is. but we are truly thankful for your interest in our music and your interest in this flattering look at our career. if @alishaheed @jarobione or @diggymusberger says they speak for the group then THEY do. no one else! peace….”

Rap Radar


Lil Kim Fires Back At Nicki Minaj In New Diss Song

Lil Kim has been quiet as Nicki Minaj has had disparaging remarks to her rival, but now Kim has returned fire with a new diss song called “Black Friday.”

The song, which has leaked online, has Lil Kim lyrically challenging the now-dominant Nicki
AllHipHop.com News


Slim Thug Fires Back At Triple C’s

Slim Thug isn’t backing down. Apparently, he reached out to Rick Ross for clarity on the song, “King Boss”. When he didn’t receive a response, Thugga let his fingers do the talking via his Twitter account.

Rap Radar

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