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Jimmy Henchman Admits Involvement In 1994 2pac Shooting

Anyone else shocked? Ah yes…I can hear the crickets from miles away. Oh boy.

The Village Voice reports that “his confession unfolded as he was trying to carve out a cooperation deal that might lead to a reduced sentence.”  Rosemond has offered the new information to investigators as a sidebar during a court case where he was later convicted of operating a multi-million dollar crack ring.

Rosemond apparently came clean after his former best friend, Dexter Isaac, claimed Rosemond hired him to rob Tupac outside the Quad studio: ”In 1994, James Rosemond hired me to rob 2Pac at the Quad Studio,” Isaac said. ”He gave me $ 2,500, plus all the jewelry I took, except for one ring, which he wanted for himself. It was the biggest of the two diamond rings that we took. He said he wanted to put the stone in a new setting for his girlfriend at the time, Cynthia Reed. I still have as proof the chain that we took that night in the robbery.”

Rosemond, who already faces life in jail, won’t be charged for his role in the attack on ‘Pac, which was classified as a robbery by the NYPD. In fact, no one will ever be charged, as the statute of limitations on robbery in NYC is seven years.



Jimmy Henchman Indicted For Murder

Do you guys remember when Jimmy was convicted of drug charges? Well it doesn’t end there. It appears as if Jimmy is also being accused of being a murderer. The NY Times has the entire scoop below:

Preet Bharara, the United States attorney in Manhattan, said Mr. Rosemond and the five other defendants had “operated like a mini-gang, allegedly committing a revenge killing, and a host of drug and firearms offenses.” A seventh man was also charged with firearms and narcotics offenses but not murder.

Mr. Fletcher was shot to death on the evening of Sept. 27, 2009, near Jerome and Mount Eden Avenues in the Mount Eden neighborhood of the Bronx.Mr. Rosemond and another man hired at least two of the defendants to kill Mr. Fletcher in exchange for drugs, according to the indictment in United States District Court in Manhattan.




Jimmy Henchman Charged For Murder Hit

Jimmy’s rap sheet is just getting longer and longer. According to AHH, Jimmy “Henchman” Rosemond was officially charged wit orchestrating the hit on G-Unit affiliate, Lowell “Lodi Mack” Fletcher.

Shortly after Fletcher’s 2007 release from prison on a drug charge and assaulting Jimmy’s son, Fletcher was murdered in the Bronx. Jimmy is currently awaiting trial for his drug trafficking and gun charges.

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Jimmy Henchman Accused Of Snitching

Whoa, payback in due time? 14 years to the day of Tupac’s autopsy, the rappers former nemesis Jimmy Henchman is accused of being an informant in today’s edition NY Daily News. Below are some of the claims found on court documents.

While Rosemond was held on a drug and gun case in North Carolina in 1996, four inmates plotted a jailbreak and asked him to join. He alerted authorities and spent several days in solitary to avoid retribution, his lawyer at the time wrote in court papers obtained by The News from federal archives.

In 1997, facing bail-jumping charges in New York, Rosemond gave information about crooked jail officials who altered paperwork to let him post bail.He made “several monitored phone calls to one of the correction officers,”but the target was suspicious and “reluctant to speak with Mr. Rosemond,” court papers said.

A year later, federal prosecutors in Brooklyn contacted Rosemond, seeking his cooperation in what documents describe only as a “historical criminal investigation.”Rosemond was “debriefed at length by federal agents and prosecutors.” The defendant was convicted at trial, “confirming the accuracy of his information provided by Mr. Rosemond to the government,” his then-lawyer noted.

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