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Awesome, Awkward, Awful: Drake Jokes, Kimbella vs. Emily B., Brainfarts, and more


Awesome: Martha Stewart thinks rappers are “all cute.”
Martha talked to Refinery29 (one of my favorite shopping sites), and they mentioned the rumor that she’s a big rap fan. She said:

Well, not a really big fan. But I like rap music. They’re all cute. Those are cute guys and they’re all talented. I do like rap music. I think it makes sense, I like the words. Well, not all of them. I like the beat. And during my show, that’s what we play during the breaks, and everybody is dancing in their seats and having a great time.

This is redefining my perception of Martha’s taste in men.

Awkward: “Let me tell you more about sleeping with your man…”
How does Love and Hip Hop follow up on the knock-down-drag-out fight between Jim Jones’ wifey Chrissy and Juelz’s wifey Kimbella of the season two premiere? Well, how about Kimbella inviting Emily B to meet so she can elaborate on having slept with Emily’s on-again-off-again boyfriend Fabolous….around the same time Emily had Fab’s baby. *Cringe*

Awesome: Egotripland’s Drake Take Care covers
The best part of any big-album-release-that-we-are-legitimately-excited-about-until-it-is-pounded-down-our-throats-like-ducks-being-fatted-up-only-to-be-farmed-for-our-foie-gras…..are the Egotripland visual parodies. It was great during Watch the Throne frenzy, and it’s great during this week’s Take Care frenzy.

More hilarious Egotrip x Drake covers here.

Awkward: Herman Cain’s on-camera brainfart (watch here)
It’s weird because the Republicans seems to be suffering from some contagious virus that causes them to freeze up during questioning like deer on the highway. It’s funny because that Herman’s squirmy flipflopping answer is exactly the same way that I would answer this question about Obama’s foreign policy in Libya. It’s sad because I’m not running for president.

Awful: Men Behaving Badly
1) The idiot who decided to talk tough about firebombing Macy’s in the name of Occupy Wall Street all loud and crazy….in public…on camera. UGH! Exactly the kind of bogus frontery that you see from that loud a-hole on the subway right before he get duffed out by an amateur jujitsu samaritan on his way home from the work.
2) Mikey thinks this Master P mixtape falls into the awful category this week. No argument here.
3) Everything, and I mean, everything about this Penn State-Jerry Sandusky child rape scandal. From the actual crimes, to the shocking state of denial, to the reaction of some protesting students, to the fact that Sandusky’s autobiography was titled Touched, to the fact that Sandusky’s lawyer impregnated a 17 year old girl that he was “mentoring” when he was 49 years old…to the horrifying phone interview he did with Bob Costes.

(In general, it’s been a banner month for men who have zero control of their peens and/or egos.)

Awesome Awkward Awful: This is a special category, but I think It’s The Real Eric’s brutal Village Voice write-up of Pill’s show at SOB’s qualifies. Oh! Ouch! Oy!

Love & Hip Hop Season 2: Hey Gurl, I Slept With Your Man
Jay-Z and Kanye West’s “Otis” Video…and Miss Info’s ‘Watch The Throne’ Wrap-up



Exclusive: Jay-Z tells Tim Westwood about recording Watch The Throne with Kanye West, and jokes about MC Hammer


Jay-Z and Tim Westwood have such a great rapport, and this week, they met up to talk about Hov’s new projects (Decoded, Greatest Hits, etc), his thoughts on hip hop and more. The full interview airs on Monday night on Tim’s BBC/1xtra show, I’ll be tuned into the webstream! (you can hear my “Celebrity Drama Report” on there too ; )

MissInfo Exclusive: listen to this preview clip of Hov talking about his recent recording sessions with Kanye West for their Watch the Throne collaborative album. The duo spent a few days at Peter Gabriel’s studio in Bath, England…and as jaded as I am, to hear Jay-Z’s description, it sounds like they created an amazing creative retreat out there. “Fireworks,” as Hov calls it. (**Also, an insider told me that the tracks they heard all had a very strong self-empowerment, black-male-empowerment vibe.)

Jay-Z on the Tim Westwood Show, sneak peek: Kanye West and the Watch The Throne sessions (alternate link)

Picture 56

(how’s that for an inspirational setting? Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios)

Bonus Clip: when Tim brings up the subject of “the biggest beef of all time,” a/k/a MC Hammer’s “Better Run Run” video….Jay-Z reveals the real reason he’s in the UK ; )

Listen after the jump

Jay-Z on the Tim Westwood Show, sneak peek: “Better Run Run” and MC Hammer (alt link)

And here’s King Hammer’s, um…..diss song:

Don’t forget to tune in for the full Jay-Z and Tim Westwood interview on Monday.

More photos of the studio compound where Jay-Z and Kanye recorded and stayed:

Welcome to Crazytown pt.2: MC Hammer “Better Run Run” (Jay-Z Diss)

Welcome to Crazytown: MC Hammer preps his holy war against Jay-Z

Kanye talks about Watch the Throne project, after debuting “Runaway” on MTV

Jay-z and Tim Westwood, full 2009 interview


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