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Q-Tip Partners with Leonardo DiCaprio & Jonah Hill For Native Tongues Inspired TV Series

Well now this looks interesting. Deadline is reporting that longtime friends Q-Tip and Leonardo DiCaprio are teaming up, along with Jonah Hill, to produce a TV series based on Tip’s experiences during the Native Tongues era.

It’s unclear what type of storyline the show will follow, but it’s being described as a drama that will focus on the friendships of the artists involved with the movement and the influence of their music both at the time and now.

The as yet untitled show will be produced through DiCaprio’s Appian Way production company and will be pitched to networks next week. The NT collective, anchored by A Tribe Called Quest, De La Soul and The Jungle Brothers was of course one of the most influential and groundbreaking alliances of artists in Rap history, so the stories should be deep.

Deadline via Miss Info

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Blitz The Ambassador Returns With ‘Native Sun’

(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn rapper Blitz the Ambassador has announced the release date for his second studio album, Native Sun. The album follows Blitz’ last release Stereolive, which was a live rendition of his debut album, Stereotype. Native Sun is a
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Things I Like: Kid Cudi x Gremlins, Complex’s Native Tongue List, Boundless x Nas remixes, the greatest cat-dog relationship ever, etc

Every day comes with a slew of new music, rappers promoting themselves on TV, photos of rappers living it up, soundbites of rappers flattering each other, or dissing….but my tastes run random (understatement) so there’s always things I want to share but have trouble fitting into neat entertainment news categories. Sometimes we file under “life beyond rap,” or “about miss info”….but here’s some of the loose ends that I loved most today. (in no particular order)

-Kid Cudi x Gremlin fan-made video for “All Along”(above): Thanks to Rel Smith and his brother Jimmy for sending along their fantastic stop-motion music video. My favorite part is when the Gremlins synchronize dance at the 2:37 mark.

-Complex Blog x The T.r.o.y Blog Present “The 100 Greatest Native Tongue Songs”: Once again, the Complex crew has found great experts to help them put together an exhaustive list of the best ATCQ, De La Soul, Jungle Brothers, Black Sheep and more Native Tongues relative work. I notice there are a slew of similarly organized and designed features lately, but…as with the incredible Tunnel Bangers, Organized Noize and Chicago round-ups…the added context that Complex includes is amazing. Check out the entire list HERE. One of my all-time favorites is #18 Black Sheep’s “Flavor of the Month”. That’s when I rocked baby hair, dolphin earrings, and shirley-temple curls.

*now, since Complex is family, I feel okay in saying this….that whole clicking-through-100-times? I’m not doing it. Ever. So I have a gentle suggestion. Provide an auto-play option. It would go through each frame (like a photo flipbook), playing each song before going to the next frame. That way, you still get 100 click-thru’s from me. And I can let it run in the background while I work. We’re both happy and I’m still sane.*

-Read this (for those that still like reading…grrr…sigh): Eskay’s tale of trip down a rap-marketing-rabbit hole (thanks to Diddy and copyright fuzzy math), Sam Han’s very academic but fascinating cultural criticism tumblr (esp the post on rap macho), and Wired’s Ultimate Web Cashflow chart.

More of MissInfo’s Favorite Things (lol, Oprah-style but non-taxable)….
-Boundless NY x DJ Teddy King’s Nas remix mixtape…
-The greatest Cat and Dog relationship of all time…
-Another hilarious and random animal video…
All after the jump

-Boundless NY x DJ Teddy King’s No Ideas Original/The Nas Remixes mixtape: I bumped into Teddy at the 2DopeBoyz Xmas party last week, such a nice guy. If you remember he created a great Nas rarities mix a while back, and now he’s compiled a free mixtape of Nas remixes, featuring beats from Large Professor, Rob Swift and more. You can read more about the project and download it HERE. And here’s a sample track:
Nas No Ideas Original – Produced By Large Professor by BoundlessNY

-Best Cat Friend Ever: The NMC guys know that when all else fails, send me a hilarious dog/cat video.

-More Cat F–kery: again, via the NMC boys


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