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Jay Bilas Quotes Young Jeezy On ESPN

“You better call your crew you’re going to need help!”

While commentating the Missouri vs. Villanova game, ESPN analyst/Young Jeezy stan Jay Bilas , quoted the “urban philosopher”‘s line from “Bottom Of The Map“.  He then continued on Twitter.  TM 103 December 20th.

Got the weight of the world on my shoulders. And I swear it feels like ten thousand boulders. I gotta go to work.
Lately, I been off and out of sight, seldom out of mind. Get your business right, and stay the hell up outta mine. I gotta go to work.
I’m tired, I feel wired but, yet, I’m still inspired. To find somebody else for the job, tell me I’m fired. I gotta go to work.


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ESPN’s Resident Rap Fanatic Quotes Young Jeezy During NCAA Game

ESPN’s college basketball analyst Jay Bilas is a Jeezy fanatic. He’s been known to tweet Jeezy Lyrics on the regular to start each work day. Recently, his love for the Snowman spilled over into commentary during a game between Missouri vs. Villanova. He referred to Jeezy as an urban philosopher, before quoting Jeezy’s line from “Bottom Of The Map”: “You better call your crew you’re going to need help.”

We love it.

From Jeezy’s “Talk To Me”

Check out more of Bilas’ Jeezy tweets after the jump…

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Illinois Senator Christine Radogno Quotes Raekwon

You ain’t lie, Chef. During a budget meeting, Republican Illionis Senator Christine Radogno, cited Raekwon’s classic opus “C.R.E.A.M.” to describe their finanical state. Just for kicks, let’s take ‘em back y’allll.


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The Roots Remix Charlie Sheen Quotes

And after the interviews, it’s probably this. During Late Night With Jimmy Fallon last night, ?uestlove and The Roots decided to compile Sheen’s greatest quotes with their musical magic. Ta dah, this is radical.

Sidebar: Complex Charlie Sheen Soundboard

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New Mixtape: Skillz & DJ Jazzy Jeff Ft. J.Period Infamous Quotes

Skillz and Jazzy Jeff recruit J.Period for this mixtape featuring new beats from Alchemist, Nottz, and Don Canonn. It also includes actor Will Ferrell, Allen Iverson, and Liam Nieson. The World Needs More Skillz on October 25th, but for now, check out the download link and back cover after the jump.

Download here.

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