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[Video] Pusha T Talks His Relationship w/ Kanye & Reuniting w/ The Neptunes

Pusha T talks about his relationship with Kanye West, reuniting the production team of Pharrell Williams and Chad Hugo for “King Push”, and his new tour with 2 Chainz, 2 Good to Be T.R.U.


Video: Vado Talks Relationship w/ Cam’ron, Sinatra EP on Hot 97

V12 checked into the Hot 97′s studios this week with Rosenberg and Cipha Sounds to discuss singing over to DJ Khaled’s We The Best, his newly released Sinatra EP, his relationship with Cam, and his debut album he’ll be releasing later this year.

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Iggy Azalea Reveals Details About Relationship With A$AP Rocky


Iggy sat down with Complex Mag to speak on her break up with A$ AP Rocky. Check out the excerpt below..

Having been in a public relationship with Rocky, would you ever date someone publicly again?

No. I’d date somebody in the industry again, but the number one thing I regret saying publicly is that I fucking loved Rakim [A$ AP Rocky]. These are the things that happen when you say you love somebody in the media: Every person that person’s ever had sex with, who would still like to have sex with them, will say what a lame bitch you are. Every person who’s ever had sex with me, who wants to have sex with me still, will say how wack the guy is. Then, everybody who has an ulterior motive business-wise is gonna come at us and tell us every reason why we shouldn’t fuck with each other. Little seeds get planted. “Does she really love you? Did she say that because she’s using you for attention? You should be dating a black girl.” Blogs do voting polls: “Do you think they’re a good couple or not?” I fucking hated that. It’s not a song. It’s a relationship, and you’re not in it, by the way. It’s so sick to me. Also, you can never go out because people will take pictures of you or talk about what you’re doing, or if you’re having a fight. You’ll never be able to enjoy yourself in the capacity of a normal fucking human being ever again.

How badly did things end with you and Rocky?

I definitely hated his guts and he hated my guts for a few months. [Laughs.] It was a legit “Fuck you!” “Fuck you!” peace out. But once you’ve had a few months to look at things in retrospect you realize maybe you don’t hate that person, you hate whatever caused the breakup, and you both failed in the relationship. I don’t call him up and have conversations and I wouldn’t say Rocky is my friend, but there are times I’ve congratulated him on things he’s achieved and he occasionally congratulates me on shit that he’s proud of. We’re cordial and I respect him, but there’s a separation.



Gucci Mane Gives Chief Keef Advice, Looking To Reconcile Relationship With Waka

Gucci Mane called into Power 107.5′s morning show a couple of days ago and touched on Chief Keef’s recent legal problems and hopefully rebuilding his friend with Waka Flocka. Gucci’s Trap House III is available on iTunes now.



Gucci Mane on Brick Squad LP & Relationship w/ Waka Flocka

Gucci spoke to FADER about the just announced Brick Squad compilation album, Waka’s presence on that album and the state of their relationship.

You’ve said you’d like to work things out with Waka, and that you’ll release a Brick Squad album this summer. Will Waka appear on that album?
He’ll definitely be on the album, just because we’ve recorded so much material to date that we were planning to put on the Brick Squad album anyway. So no matter if we work things out or not, whether he drops his next album on 1017 Brick Squad or Brick Squad Monopoly or however the situation works out, he definitely will be on the Brick Squad album. Those songs are already recorded. And we’re gonna push forward and try to let him drop the next three albums that he’s contracted to drop on my label. Cause at the end of the day it’s still business. I pride myself on being a great businessman and I think he’ll honor what he committed to and we’ll push forward.

Do you think you and Waka will be friends in the future?
I hope so. This isn’t the first time that me and Waka been at odds with each other. We always work it out. This is like the sixth or seventh time. I don’t see no difference between this and the last one.

Click here to read the full interview. He also speaks on the track he recently recorded with Marilyn Manson and their relationship, working with Young Thug and Chief Keef, Amanda Bynes, why he fell back on the name change to Guwop and more.


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[Video] Chris Brown Speaks On Relationship With Drake & Rihanna

The post [Video] Chris Brown Speaks On Relationship With Drake & Rihanna appeared first on Atrilli.



[Video] Vado Speaks On Current Relationship With Camron



[Video] Juelz Santana on Relationship With Cam’ron


Juelz Santana opens up about his relationship with Cam’ron after his label deal was over, revealing that he wishes that some things were done different, but is still thankful Cam’ron put him on. Juelz also details his chance meeting with Cam’ron and how he helped start Juelz’s career.



[Video] Wiz Khalifa Speaks On His Relationship With His Father

Find out why Wiz’s father inspires him to be a awesome dad.



[Audio] 50 Cent Discusses Relationship With Lloyd Banks

50 dropped by Power 106 to talk about his relationship with Lloyd Banks. Apparently the two haven’t spoken in about 9 months. However, he’s not ruling out the possibility of a G-Unit Reunion.


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