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Nicki Minaj Sued Over “Starships”


Nicki’s in some hot water over her biggest hit to date “Starships”. She is now being sued by Clive Tanaka claiming that she stole the song’s melody from his Neu Chicago“. I think Red One is to blaim in this situtation, not Minaj because he produced it. Check out the full story below.

Reclusive electro star Tanaka filed suit against Minaj at U.S. District Court in Chicago on Tuesday claiming she used portions of his 2011 track “Neu Chicago.” The copyright infringement lawsuit also names “Starships” producer RedOne, as well as three other writers, according to the Chicago Tribune

Tanaka previously posted a mash-up of the two songs online so fans could hear the alleged similarities between the tracks. His lawyer, Christopher Niro, says, “We believe they are similar to the point that it is nearly impossible for it to be a coincidence.”

In the lawsuit, Tanaka insists his song received substantial airplay both in the U.S. and in Europe and his attorney adds, “They [the defendants] had a very good opportunity to hear it.” A representative for Minaj has yet to comment. “Starships” was released last year and became a huge hit across the world.



Chief Keef Sued For Missing Show

Sosa stays losing. AHH has learned that Team Major, LLC is suing Chief Keef $ 75,000 after he didn’t show up to a show at the Indigo 02 Arena in London on December 29th. This news come the day that he is being sentenced for violating his probation.



A$AP Rocky Sued For Assault

TMZ reports that A$ AP Rocky is being sued for assault. He was arrested back in July and plead guilty to grand larceny. Shenick Alcine claims that he had seen the rapper get high then proceeded to assault him in the clothing store. He says the two photographers were originally filming him. We will update you on the details as they come out. A$ AP will drop Long.Live.A$ AP on January 15.



Mac Miller Being Sued By Lord Finesse For $10 Million

Just when you thought the Macadelic rapper was on a winning streak, he took an L earlier this week. You guys remember Kool Aid And Frozen Pizza? Of course you do. Do you remember the beat being created in the fine year of 1995? Mac might have forgotten as well. Lord is more than aware that the beat was lent to mac, as gave him the green light to use it. What didn’t he know? The success it had in the near future. Even though the track was given out for free on Mac’s mixtape K.I.D.S., Lord Finesse wants some of that paper. He is not enjoying the fact, that Mac distributed the 1995 instrumental under his own name without giving Lord any credit. Tough luck.



Jim Jones Sued For “Summer Time” Video

Jomo released this video last two months ago. But now, he’s getting sued by two chicks that were in it. Their lawyer, Taso Pardalis told the NY Daily News:

“They knew they were being filmed, but they didn’t know they were going to be used in a video without their permission. They were prancing about in the water and in the moment, they kind of went along with. But you can see one of the girls in the video cover up immediately when she realized they were being filmed.”

Shame on you Jones. You should’ve known better than to film two topless broad on a public beach. Insert sarcasm here. Interestingly enough, Capo told YN and I last week, that he was planning on shooting another video for the song. So for now, take a look at the clip above.

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Trey Songz, Kodak Sued For $18 Million Over Bottoms Up Track

(AllHipHop News) A Washington, D.C. production company has filed an million lawsuit over the rights to the music on the hit song “Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj.Derrick Price, Doc Mob Records and IHip Hop Music filed the lawsuit against
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Rapper Fabolous Sued; Accused Of Beating Up Bus Boy In Atlanta

(AllHipHop News) Brooklyn, New York rapper Fabolous has been hit with a lawsuit, claiming he and associate beat up a bus boy in Atlanta. The lawsuit was filed on Monday (January 31st) in Fulton County Superior Court, according to the Atlanta Journal Constitution.According
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Kanye West, Security Sued For Beating Up Photographer

(AllHipHop News) Hip-Hop star Kanye West has been hit with a lawsuit claiming the rapper’s security detail beat and battered him during an event in May of 2008. According to Michael Vazquez’ lawsuit, he was at an event sponsored by Casio’s G-Shock Watch
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Sheriff Joe Arpaio Sued For Abusing Power, Harrassing Prominent Judges

(AllHipHop News) Four Judges in Phoenix, Arizona are accusing Sheriff Joe Arpaio of abusing his power in the city by targeting them for unfounded criminal investigation, in retaliation for court rulings. All four of the lawsuits were filed this week,
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T.I. Sued After Man Assaulted, Held Captive Over Killer Mike’s Chain

(AllHipHop News) T.I. is being sued by an audio engineer who claims he was beaten and held hostage for 12 hours by one of the rapper’s employees, who was searching for a missing necklace. Norris Gresham, who is employed at Echo Studios, claims he was
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