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Video: Lil Wayne, Pharrell, 2 Chainz & Big Sean Read Mean Tweets

If you missed Kanye on Kimmel last night, you probably also missed the new music edition of Jimmy’s Mean Tweets segment, in which he has celebrities read vicious tweets about themselves.


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23-Year-Old Teacher Tweets Topless Twerk Pic to Diplo

Be careful what you twerk for, you never know how your boss is going to react.

23-Year-Old Teacher Tweets Topless Twerk Pic to Diplo

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Police Looking Into Chief Keef’s Tweets About Lil Jo Jo’s Murder

The Chicago Times is reporting that police are looking into Chief Keef’s tweets to see if they are related to to the death of Lil Jo Jo’s murder. After he was killed Tuesday night, Keef tweeted about the murder, but later said that his Twitter was hacked. Stay tuned for updates.



[NEWS] Kim K Tweets “I’m A Proud Girlfriend” & Promotes Kanye’s New Video

Kim K. & Ye are still going at it strong. Kim took to twitter to help promote yeezy’s new video for “No Church In The Wild” & also tweeted that she is a proud girlfriend. Some still believe that this is all for publicity and with Kim K you may never know but what do you think?




Grandma Reads Tyler, The Creator Tweets

Odd Future’s Tyler, The Creator is pretty entertaining on Twitter. And when his tweets are being read by old people, it’s even funnier. Gather around fuckin’ children, Goblin in stores May 10.

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Kanye Snaps On Media Over Reporting On Britney Spears Tweets

(AllHipHop News) Kanye West has taken to Twitter to chastise the media for fueling a “fake Twitter” war with Britney Spears and spreading other rumors about him that he says aren’t true. The revered Chicago rapper/producer lashed out over  reporting
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Josh Groban sings Kanye’s Tweets on Jimmy Kimmel

(spotted at UHTN)

The name Josh Groban may not ring a bell with most Missinfo.tv readers but homeboy is a multi-platinum singer-songwriter among other things. Last night, on Jimmy Kimmel’s late night spot he introduced the world to his upcoming album…

Josh Groban The Best Tweets of Kanye West.

Check out the video after the jump…



AHH Stray News: Jay-Z & Cornel West ‘Decoded’; will.I.am Tweets For Obama; Girls 2 Women

Jay-Z has been added to the Miami Book Fair’s International lineup, when he will take part in a discussion with revered educator, Dr. Cornel West. Jay-Z and Cornel West will conduct the chat live from the New York Public Library, although the session
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Boi-1da clears up tweets directed toward Kanye West: “People took it the wrong way”

It’s pretty clear that Drake’s crew rides for each other. A few weeks ago Boi-1da made some bold statements via Twitter about Kanye after Ye supposedly cursed out Drake’s producer and right-hand man Noah “40″ Shebib for “borrowing” his sound. In an interview with RealTalkNY, Boi-1da says he meant no disrespect but was just pointing out some things out.

“The tweet was just speaking about the irony Of Kanye West yelling at 40 for stealing his sound. People took it the wrong way, and thought I sent a shot. But I’m saying Kanye made a career off of  sampling Soul records. If somebody takes a sound that you started  and runs with and does their own thing with it, you should be flattered about that instead of being discouraged… He’s a legend in the game, one if the best ever. People think I took a shot at him. I dont think that’s a shot at all. I have the most respect for him.” – Boi-1da


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