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Mike Tyson on Juan Epstein

All I’m saying is, I hope they spoke about that night at the MGM.

Previously: 10 Classic Juan Epstein Moments

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Video: Pusha T, 2 Chainz, A$AP Rocky, Mike Tyson & Mac Miller Make Super Bowl Picks

I’m 0-2 in Playoffs pics so I’m just going to keep my mouth shut..

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[Artwork] Sean Price – Mic Tyson

Seems like Sean Price is putting the finishing touches on his long-time coming album Mic Tyson. The album is set to be released on October 30th. Below you can preview his new track off the album, produced by Quelle Chris.




Tyga Gets A “Mike Tyson Like” Tattoo On His Face

First you get a well-known stripper pregnant, now this? Well Done 3 & Fan Of A Fan 2 coming soon.



Video: Sean Price – Mic Tyson (Preview)

P! plays a few songs off Mic Tyson for Dallas Penn.

It’s been 5 years (!) since Sean Price dropped his last solo LP, Jesus Price Supastar.

Ruck says it’s coming soon, Dallas says a few more weeks.

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50 Cent, Mike Tyson & Floyd Mayweather Street King Ad

We’ve all had nights like these. Anyway, here’s a new commercial for 50′s Street King energy shot featuring Pretty Boy Floyd and an overly-hyped Iron Mike. Like it, now.

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The Hangover 2 Cast Interviews: Mike Tyson, Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifiankis, Jamie Chung

I’m definitely going to make the effort to see The Hangover 2 this weekend. This idiotic-comedy has to be worth some laughs. Honestly, I haven’t heard the best things but I’m willing to take my chances. The cast has been making their rounds on the media circuit. Above, catch Tyson acting looney with Jimmy Kimmel. He says he lost about 30-pounds. Good for Mike.

(props Yardie)

Interviews/Links with Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms, Zach Galifiankis, Jamie Chung and more after the jump…

The filming environment must have been interesting because Thailand can be hot and humid, which means that there were probably weird creatures running around on set—besides the monkey [laughs]—that may have helped create memorable moments. With that, was there anything wacky that happened on set that you can share?
Zach’s character wore this silk genie outfit and it was hot and he was sweaty, so before every take he would have to have sand on him so the sweat wouldn’t bleed through the silk clothing. But as soon as he walked out in that outfit with the socks and the sandals I could not keep from laughing. It was so hard not to break because whenever he’d do all this improv in these ridiculous outfits it was too funny. And there were a lot of times when I would be cracking up. You always have to stay on your toes when you’re around comedians because they’re so funny and so witty and smart.

Lastly, what else are you working on?
I have the honor of working with RZA for this project called Man With the Iron Fist,. He is a genius. He produces all of these amazing tracks, weather it’s for Kanye or Black Keys or whatever. He’s everywhere. Like, the way he thinks with music⎯he’s a genius. And if you know him very well, you know that he’s is such a big fan of kung fu. He was a mentor to other kung fu students and really lives by that philosophy and way of life. And he kind of educated me on all of these old school kung fu movies that he’s been a big fan of, so it was kind of a dream come true to make his own kung fu movie that is like a throwback homage to some of the older popular kung fu movies but with a modern twist. So even though it takes place in ancient china it still has a modern twist. It’s Quentin Tarantino presents, Russell Crowe, Lucy Liu⎯I mean he really got a fabulous cast together and it was a really cool shoot. We shot that in January and February in Shanghai. And then I also did this great film with Joesph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Shannon, Dania Ramirez. It’s called premium rush and it’s about bike messengers in New York City and it’s an action thriller that comes out next year.

(via VIBE)

‘Hangover Part 2′ writer Scot Armstrong talks sequels, dark comedy

EX:  Yeah, but when you look over your filmography, you’ve been a vital part of his filmography.  You did Old School together, Road Trip, School For Scoundrels…In fact, I remember hearing rumors that Old School was going to get a sequel at one point called Old School Dos, and– if I remember correctly– the rumors were that Old School Dos would be set in Thailand.  Is that true, and if so, did you cannibalize any of the ideas you had for that film for Hangover 2?

SA: There is an “Old School Dos” rough-draft, but it took place…well, not in Thailand.  We loved “Old School” so much we tried to get it going, but…y’know, we learned on “The Hangover Part Two” that to really get a sequel going, it takes a true passion from the people involved to get it up and going.  And the guys from “The Hangover”– Ed, Zach, Bradley, Ken Jeong– were so cool to work with and so excited to get back into it, it was realy inspiring.  As a writer, it’s a gift to be able to write in these voices.  Usually as a screenwriter starting from scratch, you have to educate the audience about who these people are, how they talk, what they’re point of view is.  With this, you’re way ahead of (the audience) and you can just focus on where they are in their lives, two years later, and to just push ‘em into Bangkok and test ‘em.  It’s so fun.

Continue reading on Examiner.com

Interview: Bradley Cooper Talks The Hangover Part II Interview: Zach Galifianakis

““When we first talked of a sequel, there was a choice: do we stray from the structure [of the first film] or do we run straight for it?” he says. “We agreed, no question about it, that we haven’t earned the ability to take these three guys out and put them in a new structure. There needs to be a ticking clock, there needs to be a missed night, there needs to be somebody gone, there needs to be a woman waiting to get married and a guy who needs to get married. But it’s like, look, guys, you’re going to get the same movie but it’s going to be a lot darker and the stakes are going to be raised. Just strap yourselves in.”
Continue reading on Vancouver Sun.com

Interview: Zach Galifianakis

“Listen, I Zen out,” he says. “I just try to be as loose as I can and think, ‘Well, if I’ – meaning me as a person – ‘were in this situation and I was an idiot, more so than I am now, what would I do? What would this character do?’ I mean, somebody’s gonna cry eventually… and to see a grown man with a beard cry and get upset is inherently funny to me.”
Continue reading on NowToronto.com

Craig Mazin Talks About The Hangover Part II

How much did the movie change from those test screenings to what we are seeing now?

Craig Mazin: Not much. Much less than most movies change. I mean, the movie really worked. It was really a question of going through and tightening, and adjusting a few moments that were cut too short. There were moments when things went on too long. Todd Phillips is really good at making sure things don’t go on too long; he doesn’t want to bore people. There was one section that we were really struggling with. We couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Finally, we found a great way to do that. If you were one of the people that saw the first test screening, and then you went to the last test screening, you wouldn’t notice much of a difference at all.

Continue reading on BusinessInsider.com

Link: Bradley Cooper, Ed Helms & Zach Galifianakis Interview For ‘The Hangover Part II’



Headcrack: Mike Tyson The Dancer ?, Illinois Senator Cites Wu-Tang, Gwyneth Paltrow Raps NWA Lyrics

(via the.LifeFiles)

Mike Tyson may never step into a boxing ring again, but he’ll damned if he still won’t be making money. Over in Argentina, Iron Mike and his wife appeared as contestants on the country’s own version of Dancing With The Stars. The show titled, Bailando 2011 broadcasted Tyson shuffling all over the damn place.

Remember this?

after the jump, a cool ass Senator refers to Raekwon during a hearing and Gwyneth Paltrow earns more hip-hop points…

State Senator Christine Radogno is the coolest chick around. (via HHIR)

Paltrow knows NWA. (via complex)



Mike Tyson Comments On Gucci’s Tattoo

Iron Mike called up DJ Whoo Kid on Shade 45 this past weekend and weighed in on Gooch’s controversial tattoo.  ”I like going to war, he likes being licked on,” said the former heavyweight champ. Translation: Mine is better than yours.

heads up: wshh

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WTF! Wayne Brady + Mike Tyson + Bobby Brown (Video Spoof)

I’m a day or two late but still… Wayne Brady & Mike Tyson remake Bobby Brown’s Every Little Step video. Wayne Brady tries to hard to prove that he’s balck & anything that he does will never be better than this meanwhile Tyson’s rhythm (pause) is um… Bobby Brown steps in around the 1:56 mark to do his rap verse… 

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